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More than 100 attendees at Testing & Training in Motion USA: a real success!

September 23, 2022

From September, 12 to 16, the US, French & German teams from Safran Data Systems organized two events for customers in Huntsville (AL) and Palmdale (CA).

After the first edition in 2019 (Forth Worth, TX and Palmdale, CA), Testing & Training in Motion came back last week for two customer events. On program: training and hands-on sessions with our experts from the US and Europe. On September 13th, we welcomed our customers in Huntsville, Alabama at the Marriott Space and Rocket Center. 49 attendees joined us for this training day.

A reception was held at the Space & Rocket Center, where attendees had the chance to watch a 40-minute movie on Mars inside the planetarium, followed by a dinner. From East to West Coast, the team traveled on September 14th and set up everything at the Hilton Garden Inn in Palmdale to be ready for the next day. 54 attendees were thrilled to be close to our experts and to ask any questions they might had.


Testing & Training in Motion: new name for new ambitions

For this second edition, the name slightly changed from “Testing in Motion” to “Testing & Training in Motion” in order to be more attractive for our customers by proposing them to earn CEUs (Continuing Education Units).


A diversified agenda


Four training sessions were proposed:

  1. IRIG 106 Chapter 7: Packet Telemetry Downlink-Understanding the Standard
  2. Sensors and transducers for FTI, what are the trends? Introduction to the most familiar sensors for FTI.
  3. On-Board Processing: How and why processing is now mandatory in your FTI?
  4. Range of the Future, how the range architecture is evolving


As well as 8 hands-on in open access during the day:

  1. How to get rid of wires for your FTI?
  2. Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG)
  3. Distributed Instrumentation Systems, leveraging new technology in your system architecture
  4. Cybersecurity features on the MDR-GTS
  5. The RSR-RF-200, the Ultra-Wideband recorder that captures and reproduces your entire RF Telemetry spectrum
  6. Best Source Selector to improve the Telemetry reception in Real-Time
  7. CMA – the All-in-one-Box for Missile and Space Launchers
  8. OBP module – Multilateration processing


A very positive feedback

Based on survey results and direct feedback, customers have appreciated the team’s efforts. The training sessions were especially appreciated and participants were curious about seeing our products in real-life scenarios.


Testing & Training in Motion or “TiM” is the event for training sessions, collaborative innovation, knowledge exchange and networking about flight testing (airborne & ground segments) and launch vehicle telemetry.