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Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach adopted by Safran Data Systems, Inc. is based on sustainable commitments and is at the heart of its development and growth strategy. Safran Data Systems, Inc. has structured its CSR strategy around values and ethics shared by all employees and which constitute the company’s corporate culture.


Safran Data Systems, Inc. pledges to uphold all laws governing our operations. Its anti-corruption and “zero tolerance” principles are formalized in an ethics charter, a responsible lobbying charter, an anti-corruption code of conduct, and a trade compliance program. In addition, we have set up a powerful organization to ensure compliance with export controls and customs regulations. Safran Data Systems, Inc. establishes long-term relationships with its suppliers, reflected in a responsible procurement charter.


One of the major challenges for Safran Data Systems, Inc. Human Resources policy is to develop our human capital, allowing us to plan ahead to meet changing skills requirements. Safran Data Systems, Inc. social model is based on the firm conviction that employees are our primary asset. Employees are closely associated with the company’s growth and performance improvements. As a responsible employer, Safran Data Systems, Inc. values diversity, a key factor in performance and innovation.


Given today's pressing environmental challenges, Safran Data Systems, Inc. is fully committed to the sustainable development of the aerospace and defense sectors, as well as reducing the environmental footprint of production facilities through our low-carbon project. Safran Data Systems, Inc. HSE policy underpins our efforts to develop a culture based on anticipation and prevention to efficiently manage our environmental impact and ensure the health and safety of all its employees, partners, suppliers, customers, and any other stakeholders.


At Safran Data Systems, Inc., the Corporate Social Responsibility approach is taken into account in the deployment of digital tools. These represent a real leeway for facilitating access to complex topics and communicating the company’s business lines and Solutions more accessible to a wider audience. Digital tools are also used to promote employee well-being and cohesion between teams at different sites.

Our Quality Policy

Safran Data Systems, Inc. is AS9100 certified since 2020, a quality standard for organizations that design, develop, or provide aviation, space, and defense products and services.


AS9100 Certificate


Terms & Conditions

In addition to our Terms & Conditions, Safran Data Systems, Inc. is compliant with Trade America Act (TAA) and FAR 52.225-5.

Terms & Conditions document