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Zodiac Data Systems
Qualified Technology
45 years of experience in flight test instrumentation and telemetry solutions have enabled SDS to design and build technology that performs reliably
in the most challenging environments and meet evolving needs in the industry. Although, it's our team's focus on responsive support that has made us
the first choice with customers worldwide.
The RX-1 is a small-size dual channel telemetry receiver with pre-D combiner that covers all IRIG frequency bands and all IRIG-specified modulations. This COTS product is based on the Cortex RTR technology bricks and inherits the well-recognized RF performance and signal processing capability. The RX-1 fits particularly well in the test range conditions and provides the most advanced features to maximize data availability.
- STC & XTD:
- EQ+:
- LDPC:  
Space Time Coding & Extended Time Diversity supported
Embedded Data Quality Metrics / Encapsulation compatible with BSS
Adaptive equalizer for all modulations, on video and PCM outputs
Easy and modern UDP data spreading
All LDPC IRIG codes supported
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Zodiac data Systems Cortex-RTR is one of the most advanced digital telemetry receiver on the market with its well-recognized RF performance and signal processing capability. The 4U chassis-based Cortex RTR can support up to four channels providing flexibility and capability as well as a rich set of features for different frequency bands, modulations, decoders and output formats. Users can easily upgrade the equipment in the field to access additional and new features. The Cortex-RTR fits particularly well in flight tests ranges where flexibility and settings accessibility is important. Users operate this receiver with an embedded 8.4 inch screen and keyboard.
- Single, Dual, Quad:
- EQ+: => DQM/QDE:
- CH. 10 Output: => EQ+
- 8.4Inch Screen:  
Full Flexibility of Configurations
Embedded Data Quality Metrics / Encapsulation compatible with BSS
Adaptive Equalizer for all Modulations, on Video and PCM Outputs
Easy and Modern UDP Data Spreading
Intuitive GUI, Keyboard & Trackball for Easy Direct Control
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Safran Data Systems Best Source Selector (BSS) is the perfect tool to select the best Telemetry source received from multiple antennas tracking the same airframe, in real time. BSS automates selection of the best TM stream from up to 8 sources using signal quality criteria and other metrics. BSS extensive capabilities in paths alignment & delay compensation makes the best source selection possible whatever are the locations of the antennas, and cope with any range infrastructure.
- Any Input Signal:
- Any Output signal:

- Multiple Selection:

- Easy Integration:
- DQE/DQM:  

- Mission Critical:
Analog (Video) or PCM (Data) interface 2, 4 or 8 inputs
Data output on multiple PCM (Data & Clock, TTL or RS422) and on Ethernet according to IRIG 106 Chapter 10
Selection based on analog signal quality, majority vote, frame synchronization, DQE/DQM…
2U rackable chassis, Local (using KVM) & Remote user friendly GUI
Selection of the best source based on DQM information inserted by the TM receiver so TM receiver agnostic.
Redundant power supply & design based on Safran Data Systems Cortex experience
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Safran Data Systems’ RSR is a digital recorder allowing the capture and reproduction of the RF or IF analog signal received at the antenna before any data processing. It is the key building block of a Telemetry Station to bring the highest critical data availability, especially when recording is not possible on-board. Data captured during the flight can be processed offline, with all the flexibility to adjust various settings in the receiver, the bit synchronizer or the decommutator, to squeeze each and every bit out of the recording, which is only possible when recording RF or IF.
- RF or IF Recording:

- 8.4" Screen:
- All Types of Signals:

- CH.10 Recording Format:
- Pre-flight Station Check:
Record Telemetry Signal as close as possible to the antenna for Highest Data Availability
Intuitive GUI, Keyboard and Touchpad
RF or IF Telemetry, Wide Band Analog, PCM Streams, AGC & IRIG Time
All Recordings done according to Ch10 Standard
Long Loop Check Secure Station Settings while Replaying Previous Flight Records
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The highly flexible modular GMDR system is a versatile and future-proof solution for acquisition, recording, dissemination and replay of FTI data in ground station applications. With its high integration, incomparable range of supported video interfaces and full compatibility with global leading MDR products, the GMDR integrates seamlessly into customers‘ existing test center topologies. With its intelligent data reduction through segmentation, pre-selection and filtering as well as the capability to freely disseminate subsets of data among several network destinations, GMDR efficiently reduces the operator‘s workload when analyzing test results.
- Flexible Module Design:

- 5 Video Formats:
- Dual-drive Variants:
- Real-time Data Access:
- All-rounder:
GMDR2/6: 1U Form Factor, 2/6 module slots
GMDR12: 2U Form Factor, 12 module slots
Flexible usage of high-end MDR or highly cost-effective storage media
Live monitoring of recordings
Providing Record and Replay capabilities
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Digital Multimode Transmitter
This new digital telemetry transmitter supports PCM/FM, SOQPSK-TG and multi-h CPM modulations and provides 10W output power in S band. Many parameters (Modulation type, Carrier frequency, RF output power data rate and others) are configurable by software to meet most system requirements and to offer a complete solution to your data link needs. Small size, light weight and robustness make it ideal for integration in very limited space.
- Outout Power Range:
- Modulations:
- Bandwidth:
- Input:
- Small Size:
Output power from 10 W (+40 dBm) to 10mW (+10dBm)
(IRIG 106): Tier 0 (PCM/FM), Tier I (SOQPSK-TG) and Tier II (Multi-h CPM)
Bit rate up to 36Mbps (Tier I and Tier II) and 18Mbps (Tier 0)
Data/Clock (RS422)
Providing Record and Replay capabilities
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Single Axis Compact Tracking Antenna
COMTRACK is the choice of trust, simplicity and performance of more than 100 telemetry tracking operators. Military aircraft testing, helicopters, commercial aircraft and even launch vehicles: COMTRACK is an an affordable telemetry reception extension where a roomy and cumbersome parabolic system wouldn’t fit.

With its very compact and environmentally-rugged form-factor, the embedded phase array autotracking antenna offers telemetry reception in L, S or C-band from zenith up to 150 kms range. Its smart integration combining high elevation reception and long range under a single protective radome also enables dual-band mountings for systems having to operate in today’s and tomorrow’s frequencies.
- L/S/C Bands:

- Auto & Slave Tracking:

- Cost Effective:

- Environment Proof:
- Mobile:
L, S or C Band, Swappable Mobile Part, Dual Band S+C” => “Single Band/panel : L, S or C, Swappable Panel, Dual Band : L+S, S+C, L+C
High Tracking Accuracy and Long Range Tracking, GPS Tracking made easy
Simple and robust mechanics for high performance with limited maintenance
Full Radome Protection against rain, sand, dust…
Lightweight (75lbs) & Small Size, Easy on-truck setup
Data Sheet
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SPARTE 300 L/S/C - Tracking Antennas
The SPARTE 300 series antenna is a field and time proven product delivered to customers for mission-critical applications where the telemetry reception is at stake. This robust antenna ensures to our customers highly accurate operations, as well as a long lifetime and simple maintenance tasks.

The SPARTE 300 series empowers users with a variety of applications, such as aircraft tracking, very high speed targets with high dynamics, or duplex datalinks with an Rx/Tx system. Additionally, the numerous and customizable I/Os provide users with the ability to operate the antenna in a multi-site tracking fashion, with master-slave communications between smaller and larger models.
- Servo Controls:
- SCM 1000 HZ Sscan Rate:
- Easy Maintenance:
- Shipborne Ready:
- C-Band Field Upgradable:
Direct Drives, User Selectable, Servo Algorithms
Common Design for Main Feed & ACQ-AID Feed
Easily Accessible Electronics & Mechanics Above Az
IMU Add-On for Shipborne Operations
Simple Add-On without any Structural Change
Data Sheet
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Dual Axis High Performance Tracking Antenna - 15FT (4.6M), 18FT (5.5M)
SPARTE 500 series antenna, commonly mounted with a 5.5m reflector, is a field and time proven product delivered to customers for mission-critical applications where the telemetry reception is at stake. Widely used across world test ranges, the SPARTE 500 series antennas meet the most demanding flight test profiles. Its lean design and ease of operations make it a perfect match for any ground test range, as a complement to smaller range trackers. Wherever telemetry tracking and reception matters, Safran Data Systems SPARTE 500 series antennas make the difference: high performance, in-the-field upgrade-ability to C-band support, skid or trailer–mounted mobility, and even 3-axis shipborne versions.
- Servo Controls:
- Field Proven:
- SCM 1000hz Scan Rate
- Transport Adaptable:
- C-Band Field Upgradable:
Direct Drives, User Selectable, Servo Algorithms
Robust Pedestal in Operations at Test Sites for Decades
Tri-Band feed Design common for Main & ACQ-AID
Skid- or Trailer-Mounted Versions
Simple Add-On without any Structural Change
Data Sheet
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Dual Axis High Performance Tracking Antenna - 20FT (6.1M), 24FT (7.3M)
The SPARTE 700 series antenna is a field proven product delivered to customers for mission-critical applications where the telemetry reception is at stake. Any flying target such as aircraft or space launching vehicles will be accurately tracked thanks to the high gain of this large aperture antenna. The very robust and solid design of the SPARTE 700 series ensures the best performance in any situation: aluminum alloy reflector for increased surface accuracy, SCM tracking feeds for reliable and accurate tracking, dual drive for motors redundancy and no-backlash… And for the ever most demanding applications, the SPARTE 700 series also exists in skid-mounted transportable and 3-axis gyro-stabilized versions.
- Advanced Servo Controls:
- Dual Drives:
- SCM 1000hz Scan Rate
- Transport Adaptable:
- C-Band Field Upgradable:
Direct Drives, Precise Reducers
Uninterrupted Operations, No Backlash
Tri-Band feed Design
Skid Mounted Version
Simple Add-On without any Structural Change
Data Sheet
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TRI-BAND FEED L/S/C - C-Band Without Compromise
Safran Data Systems offers the best match for performance, flexibility and price with its patented miniaturized tri-band feed. Common L/S/C radiating front end fitted with a modular set of active RF modules allow simultaneous reception and tracking in any frequency band, whereas a small and light-weight enclosure makes the feed mountable on any dishes from from 6 feet (1.8M) to 24 feet (7.3M).

Proposed in any single, dual or tri-band configuration, the feed offers the best value for money and flexibility to customers willing to meet current requirements while keeping future in mind. Field upgradable to any missing band with simple RF modules addition ensures your capacities are scalable and your costs under control.
- LTE/4G Mitigation:
- Focus on Integration:
- SCM 1000hz Scan Rate
- No RF Band Compromise:
- C-Band Field Upgradable:
DLTE/4G, WCS & Customized Rejection Filters
Tri-Band even with Dishes as Small as 6’/1.8m
Highest Accuracy of Tracking
Concentric 3-Band Feed, without need of Dichroic Filter
Simple Add-On without any Structural Change
Data Sheet
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TELEMETRY SERVICE - Minimize CAPEX with on-demand Turnkey Telemetry Service
Safran Data System provides a range of telemetry services from TM equipment and tracking antenna leasing to comprehensive deployment of a turnkey station with operators to collect telemetry data from test flights or launch vehicles.

Safran has dedicated TM assets to support Telemetry service such as a transportable trailer-mounted SPARTE 300 tracking antenna, an operator control drawer and several TM receivers and recorders. Whether it is for a standalone rental or a turnkey solution, each equipment are meant to be easily transportable with their transit cases. For programs with infrequent telemetry equipment needs it can be significantly more cost effective for customers outsource telemetry acquisition work to Safran Data Systems. This also works if programs have a last minute Telemetry request or when time until the mission is too short to enter into an acquisition cycle. For customers that decide to purchase equipment following its rental, Safran is offers a credit toward this purchase.

As part of the turnkey Telemetry service, Safran will select the TM products required based on the mission trajectory, find the optimized location to install the TM station, run all the pre-mission checkouts with the customer and operate the TM station during the mission to finally deliver the collected TM data on different media and format (RF, IF, PCM, Ethernet).
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