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Zodiac Data Systems
DAU - Recorder

The Modular Acquisition Units For A Scalable FTI Network The combined families of data acquisition and recording units offer all of the functionalities needed for your on-board acquisition FTI (independently or simultaneously):

- Data and video acquisition
- Live processing
- PCM Chapter 4 or Chapter 7 outputs
- Chapter 10 streaming
- Full Ethernet network
Our products’ modularity enables a wide scalability from a single-unit all-in-one system up to very large architectures with no limitation.

They are compliant with IENA, iNet, Ethernet, IRIG 106 Chapter 4 and many other standards. Tailor your system whatever your needs: ARINC bus, Strain gauges, Video inputs, data logging…


• Ruggedized design for harsh environments
• Modularity (stackable) for an optimized footprint in narrow spaces
• Universal analog conditioning module and on-board live processing

• High-bandwidth recording capacity up to 800MBits/s
• Multi-file and in-destination recording
• Wide range of video interfaces
• Several Tera-Bytes storage capacity with no limitation

Efficiently Prepare And Analyze Your Flight Test Campaign
eZ is a highly-reliable FTI system configuration software.Users are guided for a first-time-right setup thanks to wizards and auto-setups. Productivity tools expedite the setup while advanced discovery eases architecture changes.


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