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Qualified Technology
45 years of experience in flight test instrumentation and telemetry solutions have enabled SDS to design and build technology that performs reliably
in the most challenging environments and meet evolving needs in the industry. Although, it's our team's focus on responsive support that has made us
the first choice with customers worldwide.
CMA (Core8 + Core16) - Ruggedized Data Acquisition Unit for Missile Testing & Rocket Telemetry
With its small and highly ruggedized design, CMA is an ideal fit for data acquisitions in harsh environments and demanding small space areas. CMA has the smallest size per channel real estate available and offers highly versatile acquisition modules to easily tailor the instrumentation of each specific missile use case.

With the acquisition modules, each channel type can be configured by software on the field. On board processing, recording, hardware customization, GPS localization and built-in transmitter allows an all-in-one-box implementation. CMA’s offer advanced signal and acquisition conditioning, bus monitoring and also recording and transmission while reducing integration time, cost and risk.
- Harsh Enviroements:
- Easy to Configure:
- Compact & Gemeric:

- Multi-format Outputs:
- High Rate Data:
- Process & Command:
High shocks, high vibration, EMI/EMC, -50/+105, waterproof, lightning
eZ software suite, High Level Configuration
Generic analog module, 2x3’’ / 51x76 mm, from 1 to 16 modules per stack
PCM Chapter 4, PCM Chapter 7, Low latency video, UDP output
1000 ppm in extreme temperature range
Preprocess data and program commands to external systems
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LMA - COTS Data Acquisition Unit for Space Launch Vehicles
With its highly ruggedized design, LMA is an ideal solution for data acquisitions in harsh space environments with space radiation, vacuum, and high level of vibration and shocks. Its ruggedized chassis has been designed for space radiative environment and insures a permanent supervision and management of potential SEL and SEE. High modularity and versatility is provided by the chassis thanks easy mounting/ unmounting of acquisition modules by the user.

The LMA allows for 2 configurations to achieve the most cost-effective solution according to radiation requirements of each stage of the launcher and is fully interoperable with the CMA product family.
- Designe for Space:
- Interoperable with CMA
- Distributed Architecture:
- COTS Product:
- Tailored to Application:
- Process & Command:
Radiation tolerant, shocks, vibration
Works seamlessly with CMA product family
Integrated system distributed among all stages of the launcher
Fully interoperable with the CMA product family
Users relatable acquisition modules
Preprocess data and program commands to external systems
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DTRDM - Multi-mode S Band Transmitter
The MDR system allows collecting data in complex and harsh airborne flight test environments. Thanks to its modularity, the system will adapt from the lightest to the most extensive daily test requirements in terms of variety of signals to be recorded, environmental constraints and recording time. A wide range of signal interface modules tailored to the most common data sources and busses ensure that today’s and tomorrow’s requirements will be addressed.

The modular MDR design provides the flexibility for choosing cost-effective systems or high-end FTI systems with high capacity storage media. There are mainframes available with 2, 4 or 8slots for signal interface modules.
- 1 RF output
- S band frequency
- Output power from 10 W (+40 dBm) to 10mW (+10dBm)
- Programmable modulations (IRIG 106): Tier 0 (PCM/FM), Tier I
SOQPSK-TG) and Tier II (Multi-h CPM)
- Bit rate up to 36Mbps (Tier I and Tier II) and 18Mbps (Tier 0)
- Embedded Viterbi encoder (1/2, 7)
- Input: Data/Clock (RS422)
- Remote RF output power control
- Small size 3.2" x 4" x 1.3"(82 x 102 x 33mm)
- C band, COFDM modulation, LDPC encoding
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