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Dynamic Development

"We regularly have productive conversations about development needs and preferences with customers. These conversations benefit industry standards, interoperability requirements and we're able to advance technology in existing platforms more quickly."

PM Bastie
~ Director Business Development

Development In Motion
Our model of dynamic development is responsive, time sensitive and continually moving forward. For customers this translates into improved flexibility, long term reliability and product longevity.

Cortex RTR Development Example

The Cortex RTR is our legacy tracking and telemetry receiver that has been sold since the early 2000s. It is used to receive, process and share in real time the telemetry signal transmitted by a large variety of platforms from fixed and rotary wing airframe to sounding rockets and satellite launch vehicles. Currently, more than 2000 units have been delivered to customers worldwide and more than 800 are used in the US.

With the emergence of new private actors in the launch vehicle business, space ports (like Cape Canaveral Air Force Station CCAFS) are processing a significantly more diverse range of telemetry signals than the 2-3 that legacy rockets required. While most signals remain within S band, there are almost 25 different signals in use currently, all with different bandwidth, data rate, modulation techniques, data encoding, and distribution formats.

In the last few years, existing Cortex RTR users have requested Safran Data Systems to upgrade their machines to support newer telemetry requirements for new rockets. This is possible because the Software Defined Radio technology the RTR is based on allows for evolutionary updates. In response to customer requests for additional telemetry signal capability we were able to produce and ship updated software for customers in days, not weeks.

Not only was Safran Data Systems able to respond in a very short period of time but also for a fraction of the cost of brand new unit. Our equipment is designed and built to not only endure, but to evolve with customer needs over time. We see ourselves as partners and this is how we continue to grow.

This design approach of making our products more scalable over their usable service life is applicable for any of our products from Cortex series products, Airborne DAU’s & recorders and tracking antenna systems. It is a part of our reputation for long term value and a lower cost of ownership across longer equipment life spans.

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